Strategic Insights, Business Acumen and hands-on Experience



After completing a successful commercial transformation project at the request of a private equity owner of a company, one of their executives said to me: “You have the rare combination of analytical and commercial skills”. It made me decide to use these skills to help other companies too and founded Laurier. We currently offer a wide expertise in optimizing commercial organizations, both in effectivity and efficiency.

Rogier Vergouwen

A new approach for different results: what makes us different

A fresh perspective

We enjoy working with ambitious companies who want to accelerate their growth. Sharing the same drive, we add a fresh perspective, new energy and cross industry expertise. We help clients to see the world differently, discover new opportunities and achieve their ambitions.

Analytical and commercial

New competitors and technologies make the world changing ever faster. Consequently, commercial threats are on the horizon, but opportunities too. It’s key to not only see, but also seize these opportunities. There are many consultants with analytical skills that can make a strategy but lack the commercial experience to know what works and what doesn’t to seize it. With our combination of analytical strength, commercial acumen and corporate background, we are able to unfold the commercial potential of our clients.

Hands-on management approach: results instead of reports

We do not believe that a successful improvement can be achieved by delivering a sole report. That is why we actively participate by (interim)management in a company: resulting in a better cooperation with the team, a better understanding of the possibilities and ensuring a successful implementation. And thus not delivering an academic report but achieving commercial results.