Empowering a world where all people have the opportunity to grow a business and improve their lives


Making people, communities and economies successful

In addition to our support to optimize commercial organizations, we endeavor to create a better world and use our skills to contribute to these goals.

People get the best out of themselves by aiming for success and making the steps to achieve results. We believe this not only to be true in business, but that it equally applies to people, communities and economies. We commit people, knowledge and ideas to grow start-ups and support local economies. 

Fueling Start-ups

With their courage not to pursue the beaten track, a start-up of today can become a market leader of tomorrow.

By entering a market with new ideas, technologies and approaches, start-up entrepreneurs make a change in the market and the world. Every year, we sponsor a limited number of them with our mentoring, advice and management. We emphasize on commercial strategy and organization in order to enhance their growth. If you have a start-up and would like to request this mentoring, please get in touch with us through the contact form.

Building Economies

With the knowledge of businesses, we contribute our ideas and expertise to encourage entrepreneurial environments and achieve economic progress.


In some areas of the world, people have great ideas and the right entrepreneurial mindset but lack the financial possibilities to make their dreams come true.

We recognize these people can be equally successful in case they have access to the financials to make the necessary investments to build their own company. We support these people and their endeavors by providing microcredit, solving both economic and social issues, thus encouraging entrepreneurship and success in underserved communities around the world.