We help companies unlock their potential, enabling them to obtain the marketshare they are entitled to


Unfolding Opportunities

Improving the results of our clients is our core-business. With cross-industry knowledge, commercial expertise and innovative approach, we work together with businesses to achieve their growth objectives.

As a specialized firm in commercial strategy and operations, we provide a wide range of services to increase growth: optimize Commercial Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Sales Support & Operations, and further increase growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial Strategy

Together with businesses, we improve their commercial strategy, and align this with the commercial opportunities that the market has to offer.

Proposition Marketing and Product Marketing

With our combined market analysis and commercial expertise, we optimize the commercial proposition to further increase growth and profitability. A good proposition delivers the commercial solution the market needs, and strongly impacts the success of the sales teams and the overall company revenues.

Sales Effectiveness

By improving the commercial effectivity of the sales force, we increase the control the account management teams have over their customers and prospects. Further, by using the right online tools, both account managers and management increase their control over the expected revenues and make these more predictable. We have deep understanding of the different sales channels, like B2B Direct Sales, Indirect Sales (Partner Sales) and Online Sales. Our expertise lies both in the optimization of the organization, improvement of their effectivity and the efficiency of their daily activities.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Support & Operations

We have extensive experience increasing the efficiency and effectivity of sales support & operations organizations. The success of this department is strongly connected to and a direct contributor of the success of the sales force. We seek to remove complexity, optimize the cooperation with the sales teams and decrease timelines. Consequently, the organization becomes more efficient while their customers experience better service.

Growth through M&A

By merging or acquiring other companies, our clients can create new opportunities for growth and gain economies of scale. We work with businesses developing and executing their M&A-strategy to further increase their growth objectives.